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Social Media for Small Business v2.0

Small businesses, now more than ever, can leverage social media to garner awareness, connect with current customers and engage potential customers and business partnerships. The presentation below was given at the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce social media workshop on Monday, May 2, 2011 in Forest Grove, Oregon. I’ve also included a handout that I think attendees (and others) might find useful, and links to some additional resources that we didn’t have enough time to cover.

Presentation: Social Media for Small Business (Adobe PDF)

Handout: Social Media Resources (Adobe PDF)

Additional resources:

  • Competitive analysis tool: Viralheat … great for keeping track of mentions of your business and others on the web
  • Twitter analytics tools: Klout and Twitalyzer … excellent way to see how you’re doing in the Twitterverse, as well as compare yourself to others
  • Monitoring services: Google Alerts and Socialmention … find out where people are talking about your business or other topics on the web
  • Brainstorming/idea tracker tool: Thoughtboxes … a free service that helps you put your thoughts down electronically and access them from anywhere like sticky notes
  • How to manage a Facebook wall: A blog post about how to manage positive and negative conversations on your Facebook wall … perfect resource for any Facebook page administrator
  • Social media measurement: Another blog post targeted at Google Analytics users who want to measure social media

Professional Communication in the Workplace

In a few minutes, I will be presenting about professional communication in the workplace to students at Pacific University. The seminar is designed for student employees who correspond with internal and external constituents, but the content is applicable in all forms of professional communication. It covers basic communication theory (sender, receiver, message, context, noise, feedback, etc.), phone and email communication.

Professional Communication in the Workplace – Seminar (PDF)

Professional Communication in the Workplace – Seminar (PowerPoint)

Getting Started: Guide to social media for small businesses

Tonight I gave a presentation to small business owners in Portland at Pacific Pie Company. We had a great discussion about how small businesses can use social media to achieve their business objectives, whether they sell products or services, have B2B or B2C operations, or are regulated by government agencies.

Here’s the presentation (Adobe PDF) and resources handout (Adobe PDF).