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Networking Tips

Tonight I’ll be giving a presentation to students at Gonzaga University on how they can network with other PR professionals, as well as engage them regarding internship and job opportunities. This session is sponsored by the Spokane Regional MarCom Association. I have drafted some notes in a Q&A outline form below. If you have comments, tips and suggestions that you would like to share, please comment (and of course, I’ll give you credit if I share them during the session tonight).

  • What was your transition from college to your professional life like?
  1. Finances
  2. Scheduling
  3. Deadlines
  4. Responsibility
  • How do you suggest that students introduce themselves to professionals without seeming desperate?
  1. Strike up an honest and genuine conversation.
  2. Focus on learning about the professional and their organization, as opposed to talking all about you.
  3. Establish the relationship first; if they mention internship opportunities, then discuss that; otherwise, follow up with them the next day (after you have done some research) to see if they may have internship opportunities available.
  • How often should you contact someone that you have interned for in the past/have met at a networking event?
  1. Entirely relative, depending upon that person’s communications preferences/style.
  2. If you’re actively engaging them for a job or internship opportunity, then at least once a week. If you’re just “keeping in touch” then checking in once a month.
  3. Email is probably best, though if you have LinkedIn, that may be better.
  • What is the best way to go about finding an internship for the summer?
  1. Check with your school’s internship office, your program’s bulletin boards and faculty members.
  2. Browse the Spokane MarCom and Spokane PRSA websites for internship opportunities.
  3. Check out organizations’ websites for internship postings.
  4. Attending networking events and let people know you are currently searching for an internship.
  • What is the biggest mistake you see students making while they are applying for internships/interviewing/networking?
  1. Not having a complete resume and profile. It’s more than just the piece of paper you hand them, it’s the content that’s on it as well as your “virtual” presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.).
  • What is one piece of advice you think all marketing/PR students should have?
  1. Network, network, network. It’s quite often who you know that will land you the internship, interview or job. You want someone to become your own personal headhunter and champion—your advocate out there who will mention your name in their conversations with their professional colleagues.
  2. Double-check your virtual profile/presence.
  3. Carry business cards with your contact information, including links to your virtual profiles.