How people read (print vs. web)

I really like this comparison of how people read print and online content, which was included in Ann Wylie’s “Writing Tips” e-newsletter this morning.

Print Online
Focus on the content Focus on medium: links, navigation, multimedia
Get lost in an optimal mental state called “flow” Become hunters and gatherers
Settle in “Search and destroy,” “snatch and grab” and conduct “high-intensity foraging”
Become quieter, lean back, relax, move more slowly Sit forward, move faster, act more purposeful, hurry, become nervous and frenetic
Read Skim
Process information faster Process information 20% to 30% slower (Dillon, 1992)
“The reader becomes the book.” (Carr, 2010) The reader becomes the Web.

One response to “How people read (print vs. web)

  1. Jeff Stafford

    Very interesting, this is helpful and I will probably post it at my work station as it will influence how we develop things for our web and facebook post. thanks Lance and Ann Wylie

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