My thoughts on Google Buzz

Google is well-known for pioneering Internet applications: Google Maps, GMail and of course, Google Search. Now, Google is taking on Facebook and Twitter (as well as other social media platforms) with it’s new product called “Buzz.” However, the question that needs to be asked, is: “Google, are you really ready to take on social media?” Perhaps a more appropriate question is: “Why create another destination or virtual space for people to have to go to/check/update, etc.?” I think that the most successful social media applications to be further developed in the near future (and granted, there are already some good ones out there), will be those that integrate the multiple services, destinations, locations, etc. that already exist. We live in a world of convenience. With a large outcropping of social media services over the past few years and individuals, companies, the news media and organizations utilizing them to communicate, we have become inundated with status updates, posts, comments, likes, replies, direct messages, retweets and more.

I will certainly try Google Buzz, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I did the same thing with Google Wave. I’ve used it once or twice. Started the account several months ago. Haven’t used it since. Now Google is smart and they listen, so hopefully they’ll ask for feedback and incorporate what users want.

So for now, I guess we’ll see. But I’m a little skeptic.

For more on Google Buzz, see this BBC News article:


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