Notes from the “The Future of Portland’s media industry” forum

On January 20, 2010, the Portland Business Alliance held their monthly forum. This month, they focused on Portland’s media industry, and featured a panel of local professionals, including: Richard Meeker (Willamette Week), Steve Clark (Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers), Morgan Holm (Oregon Public Broadcasting), DJ Wilson (KGW News Channel 8) and Bob Proffitt (Alpha Broadcasting).

The following are my raw bullet-point notes.

Concerns expressed by panelists:

  • Staying up on top of technology is difficult and spendy.
  • Concerned people will not care about what they do.
  • Difficulty of recycling newspapers.
  • Radio is betting on the radio business as a whole. 9 out of 10 people listen to it during the week.
  • They are concerned about their local businesses and the community.
  • Looking at being content-focused.
  • No new money coming in. Trying to do new, bigger stuff with the same amount of money or less.

Comments on Social Media

  • Twitter has evolved to be the single most important tool for breaking news.
  • Facebook is very much a social medium – what they push out there is different than their breaking news mediums – trying to be more personal.
  • Can’t just tweet nonsense.
  • “Please don’t become your own journalist.”

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